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The Story

ZZZ rent corporate accommodation to people attending large events in cities including Cannes and Barcelona. They operate as a high-end company, known for their excellent customer service. They discovered that businesses struggled to get accommodation for events such as the Cannes Film Festival, so they found a solution by allowing people to rent out their properties to these firms.

They approached us with the aim of receiving a new modern website which highlighted the quality of their service and extensive knowledge of the cities they operated in.

The Aim

Provide ZZZ with a sustainable foundation to digitalise their business and maximise their customer experience.

"The main challenge of this project was being able to craft a digital journey that portrays ZZZ's excellent customer service and extensive knowledge of the cities they operate in. Additionally, we expanded their business into new areas such as corporate entertainment and holiday accommodation."

Léa Munzer, Experience Planner
ZZZ Corporate Accommodation Homepage

The Outcome

We created a modern, mobile responsive site which demonstrated the quality, ethos and renowned customer service provided by ZZZ while maintaining an easy experience for users.

The Novelty

The novelty of this project came from the client’s extensive knowledge and connections they have to cities, using the website to become a platform for them to put together a bespoke city guide for Cannes and Barcelona with bar and restaurant recommendations.

The new website also allowed ZZZ to expand their business offering. They now have a page dedicated to companies who want to organise creative events, parties or corporate trips. Also, a page for landlords to put their properties up for rent or sale and a page for users to book a summer or ski holiday rather than just booking properties for events.

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