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The Story

The British Red Cross aimed to produce a presentation with the hopes of winning funding for young refugees. Their presentation was built up of facts and figures. However, a part of it was to tell a story of a young boy named Ali, who came from Afghanistan to the UK to escape the war. The British Red Cross found Ali and helped him learn English, get an education and find a foster family.

bread-crumbs’ role in this presentation was to enhance the narrative of Ali’s story through visuals. The aim was to strengthen the presentation by creating an emotional response from the viewers.

The Aim

To elicit an emotional response from the viewers of the presentation, ultimately to win funding for a project to help young refugees coming to the UK.

“We loved the series of illustrations that the bread-crumbs team created. The illustrations are so powerful and emotive, they really bring out the story of a child refugee and his plight. Given the short time frame and tight deadline what the team produced was original, creative, of an extremely high standard and they worked very well within our brand guidelines.

We have had departments from across the organisation enquire about using it in their external communications. A huge thank you to all of you especially with having to work beyond your hours of work to help deliver this to us on time.”

Sam Tiwari, Trust & Statutory Funding Manager

The Outcome

The outcome of this project was a series of 19 illustrations, representing matching frames of a narrative. To capture the story and tie these frames together, we used visual metaphors as well as a shift in the colour palette going from shades of grey to colour as Ali’s life gets back on track. We also used Ali’s body language to portray his emotions.

Ultimately, the client felt more confident doing their presentation supported by our visual aids. The visual narrative we produced managed to engage the audience and emotionally connected with them resulting in a successful funding bid.

The Novelty

The novelty of this project came from the purpose behind it. The primary focus of the presentation was to ultimately help young people. The bread-crumbs team worked collaboratively and went the extra mile to fulfil the needs of the client.

We had to step out of our comfort zones, be flexible and put into practice skills that we do not usually use. We did this because the purpose of this project was significant to us. We also believed that we have the skill set internally, and are willing to adapt to suit the client’s needs.

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