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The Story

As the sharing economy rises, the need to get your home and stuff insured is becoming a must. GUARDHOG (underwritten by Hiscox, an award-winning insurance business), spotted the opportunity and created a flexible insurance that matches this new economic model — an insurance that would allow people to pay for cover only when they need it, and at a very small cost. 

The insuretech innovators approached us to build a bespoke technology that would allow people to connect their listings on sharing platforms, like Airbnb, to their GUARDHOG account. 

The Aim

Encourage people to unlock their inner sharer. Sharing becomes easy and secure — saving people time, hassle and money.

Fantastic and highly efficient service. Signed up in record time!

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The Outcome

The result of this project was the production of a mobile responsive web application that disrupted  the insurance market. Talking about insurance is no longer dull.

GUARDHOG continues to thrive. With more and more users signing up and new products added, they’re helping members know the type of guests they are receiving in their home, thus preventing home-sharing mishaps in the first place.

Guardhog was a winner under the STARTUPS category in the Good web guide awards 2018

Good web guide

The Novelty

Buying insurance “only when you need it” is a phenomenal change to the category. It taps into the fast-growing user base taking part in the rising sharing economy model.

To match GUARDHOG’s innovative product, we thought to ourselves: who said insurance needs to look corporate and serious? 

With our narrative and mascots, we made insurance friendly, cool and easily understood by all people. Depicting the characters in familiar situations made them more relatable and memorable, and adding some humour into the mix created a stronger emotional connection with customers.

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