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The Story

The client wished to bring something different to the world of yoga, by producing a platform in which people can explore all elements of well-being, not exclusively yoga. This client came to bread-crumbs with an idea and a wish to utilise the opportunities online provided.

From this, we created a brief and presented the idea of an online community, where users can receive a holistic view of the lifestyle connected to yoga, including yoga videos, philosophical blogs and food recipes. This project is especially unique due to its innovative concept.

The Aim

The intention behind building this community was to bring joy, health, inspiration, compassion, love and peace through the practice and discipline of yoga by each other, through each other, and with each other.

“I have chosen to take the leap into a human experiment get out of the rat race to follow my true path and purpose to help others however they choose to spend their life with the enhancement of being healthier, happier and more peaceful.”

Claire Weatherly

The Outcome

The result of this project was the production of a new website, the creation of a brand and a whole online community. Alongside the client, we created the original videos, pictures, and content. This client, in particular, was happy with the outcome of the website delivered by bread-crumbs.

The final process with this particular project was to provide the client with a 3 stage launch including, building on the current platform and promoting it through marketing strategies. The plans for this website were to create a shop where the client can sell branded products such as clothing and yoga mats.

The Novelty

This website encompassed many unique features, one of which was the mood functionality options. We created a three-point vertical browser to highlight the three top aspects of this site, titled: physical, philosophy, and phood. The three points were then filtered due to the mood of the user.

The mood functionality determined how you navigated through the three points and what content was provided. We used weather icons to symbolise mood, therefore if the user felt happy and chose the sun icon, they would be directed to an uplifting, energising physical activity, along with a piece of philosophical writing and a recipe to try.

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