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The Story

Symphony EYC is an analytics company, collecting big data for global supermarket chains and large retailers to help understand consumer spending. The information gathered is used to produce loyalty cards and discount codes. EYC approached us to help with an exhibition they were hosting in Dubai, to pitch their latest software to industry professionals.

Our brief was to produce an interesting and attractive visual representation of a very complex platform, both digitally and in print. Our challenge was to deliver content that could be translated into different media types.

The Aim

To accurately and quickly explain the concept of these complex products to a very educated, tech-savvy audience, in order to help them decide if EYC meets their needs.

“At Symphony EYC we are always looking to improve, bread-crumbs has been a vital partner in helping our Marketing function achieve this. They understood the look and feel we are trying to achieve and they have always been flexible and adaptable in dealing with changing parameters in going from concept to development and creation. The bread-crumbs approach is the one we look for – simple, considered advice always backed up by impressive and appropriate creative development and execution.”

Rajeev Shankar, Vice-President Global Marketing
EYC infographic

The Outcome

The outcome of this project was an infographic, a motion graphics video and a collection of foldable handouts for Symphony EYC to use in their pitch and exhibition. Following the event, our work was displayed at their offices which led them to reassess their existing brand guidelines and help influence future decisions regarding branding.

The Novelty

The truly unique part of this project was creating the foldable handouts. We were determined to make them stand out and be different from the conventional folded leaflet. We prototyped various types of folds, drawing a lot of influence from the Japanese art of origami. We then liaised with the printing house to produce this complex die cutting plate and overlooked production.  

The result was a creative handout that was easily understood, both open and closed.

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