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Curious & Inspired

Our process starts with a discovery workshop so we can understand your business inside out because, until then, we are just selling you services.

What do you passionately believe in?

What’s the driving question your business needs to answer?

Why should people care?

We help you question why your industry operates in a certain way, challenging the established conventions and models. We then push the norms to create the distinctiveness your business needs.

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Small & Nimble

Having a team that fits around a table means you meet and work with the people who are actually going to design your product. This allows ideas to be discussed freely and gets things moving faster.

We don’t have the same process for all our clients — we adapt according to your way of working and your brand’s personality.

We become partners and your challenge becomes our obsession.

Practising deep collaboration, we have successfully created the best-in-class experiences for brands in Fintech, Insuretech, Entertainment and Leisure, Food and Property.


We ideate, create, iterate

We always put people first and make sure we address their pain points. As industries get disrupted and competition rises, winning the user experience war is becoming more important than ever.

Our work is rewarding because we can see how brands appeal to people on a personal and emotional level.

But it doesn’t stop there — we’re constantly iterating our designs to assist clients with their onward growth and delivery of the next phase.


We are not an agency

We are a group of mavericks ranging from strategists and creatives to developers.

Our network of trusted partners allows us to put your ideas first, meaning we work our way towards the best solution, not the easiest — regardless of our skillset or schedule.

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Kevin Cavilla
Kevin Cavilla
Managing Director

Kevin is our dynamic Managing Director who works with clients on their digital strategy and discovers new ways for them to innovate and disrupt their sector. The variety of the role is what Kevin enjoys most as no two days are the same. Ultimately, Kevin’s inspirational leadership qualities help to make the team a better version of themselves — when he’s not talking about his passion for cricket that is!

Léa Munzer
Léa Munzer
Creative Director

From experience planning, drawing, organising, dancing and cooking there is nothing Léa can’t do. Her role is about winning ‘the experience war’, through crafting seamless and delightful journeys across touchpoints with a brand. Léa conducts our strategy workshops with clients, to get under the skin of the brand, understand their business frustrations and help them create and develop their identity.

What if… we could digitise smells?

Mariana Crespo Allen
Mariana Crespo Allen
Senior Concept Designer

Our beatboxing, Senior Concept Designer, Mariana works alongside our other UX and UI designers to create the look and feel of the responsive website interfaces we design. Mariana’s creative nature allows her to experiment and try out ideas. When she’s not designing, she will be drinking lots of tea.

What if… we all live in a simulation?

Dani Kim
Dani Kim
UI designer

Dani is our Junior UI Designer who enjoys exploring new ideas, briefs, illustration and designs. Her favourite time in the office is a brainstorming session in the meeting room with the rest of the design team, while wielding a cup of coffee and a bunch of snacks in her hands.

What if… the user never scrolls down?