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A club for ideation & collaborative innovation

We’ve seen a big rise of startups and “Challenger brands” entering the market in the last few years. These brands have brought amazing ideas driven by strong beliefs and we would like to be a part of that. This is why we’ve set up the Tuesday Club — a platform for ideation and collaborative innovation.

Why Tuesday? We recently conducted a wellbeing experiment in the office, and it turns out that we are most productive on Tuesdays.


Therefore, every Tuesday bread-crumbs will organise a virtual meeting to help you devise an action plan, maximising your digital presence, be it infographics, videos, landing pages or microsites.

Commitment & innovation are vital in modern markets

Becoming a Challenger brand is very ambitious, but it all starts with understanding who you are as a brand and why you exist. Even if you have a good product or service that has disrupted the category you are in, you need to sustain and nurture this creation.


Through creative and strategic exercises, we will help generate and develop ideas for your branding, your tone of voice and the technology you use. It’s not just about creating ideas but also coming up with an action plan to support them.

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